Wacom Monitor Switcher

Wacom Monitor Switcher Image

This is an utility, which allows switching current monitor for Wacom Bamboo tablet using one of the buttons. As of today, it might be obsolete.

If this utility does not work for you, then please check the updated version, available at this link:



Please copy the executable tabletswitch.exe into Windows directory, then open Pen Tablet Properties, and on the 'Tablet' properties tab assign a button to Open/Run tabletswitch.exe from its location.

Before using Tablet switch button, please select 'Pen' tab to be the current active tab. Otherwise the utility may not work properly.

Next - select 'Pen Mode' and in the 'Details' dialog for a 'Screen Area' choose 'Monitor', then press OK.


The application emulates key strokes, as if a property window is opened and the up arrow key is pressed in the Monitor edit field.

It is the same as if you would go and switch the monitor manually, only this is done automatically.

The utility will try to automatically run Tablet Properties. If the properties window is already running, it also requires 'Pen' tab to be active.


This application may not work. It has been tested with English Bamboo drivers version 5.08-2.

Unfortunately due to lack of time I cannot provide support for this application. Hence, the source code is included and any experienced Windows programmer may modify it so that it works for any other given system.

If such modifications are made and a wide public can benefit from it somehow, then please send me the corrections.


Public domain.