The one has reached the mountain height
And turned the fire into a shield.
He made to work for good this might
Integrity he learned to yield.

He also turned the liquid smell
Into the fragrance of the air,
Thus also taste he has acquired.

He also learned how not to speak
And has untied impressions knot,
He passed through veil of running words
That governs many of the world.

He went through many paths and roads
And met illusion on his way.
He also learned from one who doubts,
But has avoided his sway.

He built himself a house of light
Enclosed in ordinary brick.
He learned to help, and helped he tried
And was successful in it.

Though many friends he gained
And people met he great,
Another being like himself
In flesh he hasn't met.

He took a usual envelope
And put a shining bell inside
That rings a special tone, with hope
He sent the message to the world.

I'm DSP and Virtual Instruments lead at 4Front Technologies, which is known for making de-facto audio drivers and API for UNIX/Linux and lately has introduced a set of Virtual Instruments for professional musicians.

Also I'm a senior developer at Vienna Symphonic Library, responsible for the core design and development of VSL software. Since my hobby and work are interwoven, I took on an initiative to create professional and consumer DSP solutions for licensing them out to various companies (firmware, software, DSP, players, decks, etc). I've been also working closely with Analog DevicesDenon Electronics Japan, SMPRO Audio, Soundcraft, Studer and other companies.

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I'm also writing music, singing, and engineering my own stuff.

Additional interests include creative 'right hemisphere' intelligence and education, and the psychology and mechanics of efficient learning.


Beyond all, I'm looking for new friendships with intelligent people who didn't lose that sense of wonder - the awe towards new and undiscovered beauty. Who's versed in the language of images, yet with the knowledge of oneself; idealistic and in harmony with the outside world, but not giving way to either wasteful windy illusions or the all-pervading desire for comfort and security.  Who is nobody and nothing, and yet understands it well enough not to either overly fancy or be ashamed of it, but to celebrate this freedom quietly. And above all, preferably being able to understand this paragraph (or even better - to recognize a fellow soul within it and being able to express oneself similarly).


Please click here if you need to contact me.