4Front Headphones

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Improves headphones listening experience

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4Front Headphones is a software to ease listening of music in headphones by emulating a headphone-free environment.

It creates a virtual room with speakers.


Old 4Front Headphones installer is obsolete because of possible incompatibility issues with the latest Windows versions.

However because the new version is not finished yet, it is still available for downloads.

Foobar and Winamp users

Foobar and Winamp player users - if a system driver version of 4Front Headphones does not work properly on your system or has undesirable side effects, then please prefer using a VST version of 4Front Headphones. VST is a professional audio plugin standard.

  • To use 4Front Headphones VST with Foobar2000 player, please install Foobar VST wrapper and follow instructions on its page

  • To use 4Front Headphones VST with Winamp player, please install Winamp VST Bridge.

New 4Front Headphones System Driver

New 4Front Headphones version is in the works, and it is already available as a system driver for Windows 7. (SysFX, sAPO, LFX)

The driver version is more advanced than the previous 4Front Headphones.

To use the driver version:

  • Download 4fh_driverbeta.zip
  • Unpack 4Front Headphones.exe to the desktop - this is the 4Front Headphones control panel application

  • Run "Install 4Front Headphones Driver.exe" from the archive

    If at this point an error message appears - then the souncard or Windows version is not supported, and the driver version of 4Front Headphones will not function properly.

  • If no error has occurred, then select the desired audio device for installing 4Front Headphones driver.

  • Read the important information on the dialog box and click Install.

Before the driver is installed, 4Front Headphones Control Panel application will have no effect on the output.

The side effects of installing this driver are:

  • All DRM audio will be disabled, such as music from Microsoft URGE store, and Blu-ray discs.

  • However Music from iTunes store will still work.

  • Standard Microsoft and also soundcard vendor audio effects will not be available. Settings such as environment, reverberation and equalization will disappear.

  • This fix might be incompatible with 3rd party sound changing effects software, such as pitch shifting, voice morphing, etc.

  • This fix is mutually exclusive with my own iMac Sound Quality driver.

Old Installer

If you are familiar with the product and want to use the previous version of 4Front Headphones (which includes Winamp, Windows Media Player, Jet Audio, Musicmatch Jukebox plugins), please download the old installer of 4Front Headphones.


  • "Volume" or "Amplify" function adjusts the sound volume.

  • Driver version only feature: it is possible to adjust "Amplify" slider up to +12dB (increasing sound volume 4 times) without hearing distortion. By increasing "Amplify" slider value and decreasing soundcard volume to minimum it is possible to achive an effect of 'night mode' listening, where dynamic range of the sound is compressed, reducing the difference between quiet and loud sounds.

  • "Virtual Room" adjusts the amount of room environment for 4Front Headphones. Increasing this value will add an effect of moving away from speakers.

  • Driver version only feature: "Bandwidth restore" function tries to detect, if the sound is bandlimited (such as from internet radio, skype or a compressed music source) and replicates missing high frequencies. This feature is not perfect, but works fairly well, and to my knowledge is one of the best-sounding implementations available.



Please contact me, if you would like bundle it with other software or license technologies from it.