Script For Automatically Setting Up A "Perfect Server" On OpenSUSE And Installing ISPConfig 3

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Here's a script that automates the task of setting up a HowToForge: Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.3 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3], and in the end it also installs ISPConfig 3.

Please note: do not execute this script on an already working server, because this script may overwrite configuration files and break the running system. It is only meant to be used on a fresh installation of supported version of OpenSUSE. 

For OpenSuSE 12.x the script takes advantage of the btrfs file system and snapper utility to create rollback snapshots during installation. If the system is ext4, snapper command execution errors can be ignored without consequences.

Please pick the correct version of the script in relation to the installed version of OpenSuSE distribution:

There are few things missing from the original tutorial on HowToForge, as I have found it. I have made a script, based on the tutorial, that prepares a system, and which contains several steps that, if not done, will leave the system unfinished in some way.

Notable additions:

The script is imperfect in the fact that requires manual entry twice - when mysql_secure_install is run, and when ispconfig_update_svn is run. (I use svn, because ISPConfig latest SVN looks much nicer, but one can type stable as well - on production systems, you should use stable!)



before running this script.

Also better change the host name (file HOSTNAME) manually with yast2 before running this script, so that OpenSUSE will put a proper name into Postfix configuration.

This script requires manual actions:

You should change the following variables in the script before you run it:

Save the modified script to your server's directory (e.g. /root/

Then run the script as: